Culture Shock Day 7 or Readjusting to Life in the Middle of Nowhere (vol. 1)

Having run out of food and supplies, I was forced to kill my companions and eat their remains.  This was not nearly as productive as I had hoped, as I had to resort to poison.  It was only after I had killed everyone that it occurred to me that it might taint the meat. 

Okay I’m just kidding.  We’re all fine, we actually went to the grocery store today.  We’ve got a fairly well-stocked kitchen for the upcoming holiday.  Hopefully I’ll be able to share some tasty foods with you guys one of these days.  It’s been too long since I’ve done a Cook’s Couch.  And since I am, actually, sleeping on a couch now, that’ll make it a little more interesting.

And before you start to bother yourself: I’ve been sleeping on this exact same couch, off and on, for the last 12 or 13 years. In a lot of ways these people are a second family.  Also keep in mind the sum total of my possessions.  I am actually sort of perfectly equipped for couch-hopping, if I could ever stand to be away from my own nest for long.  Travel’s never been something I’ve done a whole lot.  But I don’t require a huge amount of creature comforts of my very own.  I just need an outlet, maybe a monitor, a table and a couch and I’m more or less set up.

Don’t judge me.  I don’t have income right now.  And even if I did…alter your perception.  Examine the actual needs of your life.  And realize just how much superfluous shit exists in the world simply to exist.  I don’t worry about that shit.  I have clothes, some keepsakes, a computer, some books, some video games, and a computer.

A lot of people were concerned about me moving back here, and with good reason.  I was more than concerned, and here I am.  But there’s a lot of things going on in my life and I saw this as an opportunity to give myself a chance to take a break for once and stop worrying about how my shit’s going to affect the rest of everyone else, and let some pieces fall into place and then reassess my situation and try to make a more informed opinion on it then.

So far it’s not been too bad.  It sucks not having a job, but at the same time it’s nice not to have to work.  it’s only been a week though, this shit WILL get boring before it’s all said and done.  My accent is already back.

Yeah fuck that shit.  My mountain accent is back, especially if I’m around other people, apparently.  Hooray.  Re-assimilation (regression?) complete.  Hooray.  

It sucks not being able to walk anywhere, but I bought a carton of cigarettes because I foresaw that particular issue and we’ve kept soda in supply so I’m mostly set.  I am however, remorsefully out of…ahem…tea.  I still have resin left, so I’m not completely out, but I’m scraping it slowly so I don’t try to…drink? it all at…okay you know what I’m tired of this.

Yo, I smoke weed.  Blow me if you gotta problem with it.  I don’t give a shit.  You can keep your Adderall and your Xanax and your anti-depressants, I’ll stick to 100% natural herbal treatments, thanks.  The scientific research is finally starting to fight through the bureaucratic defenses and come to light, and I’m really hoping that it’s going to keep winning this fight because I don’t hide it in my real life, I don’t really see the need to fuck around about it on here anymore.  It was cute for a minute, now it’s just getting old trying to decide whether or not I should be fully extrapolating all related terms and concepts with the metaphor and I just don’t give a shit.

So yeah, hi.  My name is Andy, and I’m a pothead.  

Oh, look at that, all the buildings are collapsing and the stars are falling…oh wait no they’re not because no one fucking cares.  Thanks, movies like Pineapple Express, Dazed and Confused, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Half-Baked, and Friday for desensitizing the cow-eyed herds to weed culture and showing them it’s not all “raping white women” and “committing robbery-homicide.”  People are seriously fucking ridiculously misinformed about so much about drugs, legal and otherwise.

But I’m getting off topic, which is that yeah.  I’m fine guys, I’m not a danger to myself or others, I’m being well-fed, I’m warm (I actually bought a hoodie…thing…because the Zero Hour hoodie has managed to get TWO big ass cigarette burns since I’ve been up here.  I feel this is a sign from the Universe that some kind of change is on the horizon that will put certain parts of my past behind me, possibly for good?  I don’t know it’s just a hunch) and mostly doing about as well as I can be doing and still be up here.

But I appreciate teh concernz.  I mean it.  I love you guys. Hopefully I’ll find something interesting to blog about in a little while.

Fuck winter. Pass it on.

About geist171

All my life I was told that I could be anything I wanted. I chose to be gracious for my blessings, generous with my fortunes, and in no particular hurry. I view my ADD as an alternative cognitive configuration rather than a disorder, and I never. shut. the fuck. up. I promise.
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2 Responses to Culture Shock Day 7 or Readjusting to Life in the Middle of Nowhere (vol. 1)

  1. Jessica says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re doing well since you returned to the mountains. Keep us informed! And stay warm, above all else.

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