Day-Tripping or The Grice Went Down to Charlotte

Today is kind of a big deal.  It’ll be my first real trip down the mountain since returning to the High Country (this isn’t the pun I wish it was, it’s just what we call the area around here.)

We’re going down to Charlotte because a certain someone is flying in and we need to go pick her up.  I am, needless to say, tres excited about this.  It’s been a very interesting couple of months.  In all the shuffle of the move and the everything else, there has been a certain undercurrent of Serendipity.  And as the dust settles, it seems as though the Universe itself has actually given me an assist.  It’s apparently supposed to snow again tonight, so I’m hoping we can make it back up the mountain before that happens.

On an unrelated note, it would appear as though my Unemployment claim has gone through, though admittedly I’m a little curious as to why only three of the four fiscal quarters are shown on my form.  I’m also not super keen on 20% of the $88 dollars I receive going into taxes, but whatever.  It’s still money, which is better than the no money I’m making right now.  The job search is going to be a little rough, but I have 19 weeks of benefits so that’s something, at least.

So I’m probably going to call them when they open in the morning to find out why, exactly, an entire three month chunk of my wages are missing.


About geist171

All my life I was told that I could be anything I wanted. I chose to be gracious for my blessings, generous with my fortunes, and in no particular hurry. I view my ADD as an alternative cognitive configuration rather than a disorder, and I never. shut. the fuck. up. I promise.
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