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More On the Topic of Insomnomnomnia

I am not, by true definition, an insomniac.  I do not suffer from extended periods of sleeplessness that are beyond my control, nor do I have a general problem sleeping for healthy duration.  I don’t dislike sleep, and I don’t … Continue reading

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Another Update or No Really, It’s Boring Up Here

Coming out of hibernation is a process.  Overexposure during the social reintegration period can sometimes prove more harmful than helpful, and the colder it stays the less quickly the mind resolidifies into working order. It also doesn’t help when there’s … Continue reading

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Fancy Meeting You Here or The Grice Comes Out of Hibernation

Hey there, Internet.  It’s been a while.  You look amazing.  Have you lost weight? I’m doing fine.  I know I dropped off the face of the earth for a little while, but I promise that’s perfectly normal.  Those of you … Continue reading

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