It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the…No Go Fuck Yourself It’s Still November

It’s November 12th, right? I’m not making it up?

That’s what I thought.

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, which I’m actually pretty happy about. It would have been cooler last month, but I love it whenever it happens.

What I am not happy about…is the fact that [insert name of syndicated female DJ on the station we play in our dining room] decided that today was a good day to begin playing Christmas music.

This is why I carry the ‘Halloween is all of October’ torch with such fervor.

Nevermind the fact that the vast majority of Christmas music was written in the 1950s and just regurgitated every generation. Forget the atmosphere of aggressive corporate consumerism, the chaos of the Holiday shopping season, and the seasonal increase in gas costs.

It’s two fucking weeks before Thanksgiving. Two. Fucking. Weeks. Exactly two weeks from now motherfuckers will be fully glutted and sleeping in preparation for what Christmas is really about: Black Friday.

I sincerely doubt that the faithful are lined up 8000 deep at 5am on Black Friday professing their jubilation for the coming of Christ their savior, but motherfuckers will be trampling each other for TVs and cell phones and shit.

I guess that’s what Christmas is really about…

Can we at least get through Gluttony before we progress to Greed and Envy?

I’m just sayin…

About geist171

All my life I was told that I could be anything I wanted. I chose to be gracious for my blessings, generous with my fortunes, and in no particular hurry. I view my ADD as an alternative cognitive configuration rather than a disorder, and I never. shut. the fuck. up. I promise.
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2 Responses to It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the…No Go Fuck Yourself It’s Still November

  1. Jessica says:

    Once again, you manage to read my mind. This is why we are friends.

    I pretty much carry the Halloween torch from September until November because society has deemed November-January Christmas time.

    I love Krampus but I hate Christmas. That is all.

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