Behind the Board

Music resonates in my soul; if I could, I would make everyone listen to a list of songs far too long to list here because there are vibrational frequencies that simply don’t exist in the realm of spoken word but in the sound of a guitar or a saxophone, frequencies that I identify with on levels more subliminal than even emotion, like the very fiber of my being is being resonated upon.  I will, however, indulge myself in one example.

I ain’t in it for the power, and I ain’t in it for the wealth, I ain’t in it for the glory of anything at all and I sure ain’t in it for the wealth.

But I’m in it ’til it’s over and I just can’t stop.  If you want to get it done you got to do it yourself.  And I like my music like I like my life:  Everything louder than everything else.

– Meat Loaf, Everything Louder than Everything Else

I was diagnosed with ADD when I was in middle school, and was medicated for a brief time.  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a fan.  I chose to view it instead as an alternate cognitive processing configuration, or super power if you prefer, and adapted myself so that I could make the most of the way in which my mind processes and stores information.  As a result, I have a knack for finding things that someone is looking for if I’ve seen it before, just because I can remember something it was near.  I can also recite movie lines, tv shows, and song lyrics like a walking goddamn jukebox.  I find joy in a lot of small, intangible things like creative use of language: alliteration, puns, assonance (well then get off the ant hill, dummeh) it’s all fair game, and I enjoy it.

I speak in tangents and parallel lines of thought, because I firmly believe in the idea of  universal analogous relativity: the idea that everything is, in one way or another, just like everything else.  It’s a sort of metaphysical version of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” in which pretty much any two subjects may, after a fashion, be related to one another in some analogous way, and at very least it amuses me greatly.

I am a lifelong insomniac, and so I developed a love for cheesy horror movies and TV reruns when I was very young.  I watched Aeon Flux and The Maxx when they were on MTV’s OdditiesI remember Duckman and The Tick and The Critic.  Bedtimes as a child?  Worthless.  I’d stay up until I got sleepy reading by the light from the bathroom, or listening to music to pass the time.  There is still something magical about the night, about the quiet and the stars and just…everything about it that makes me prefer it to the world of daylight.

Despite having earned a Bachelor’s Degree, I still work in a kitchen.  It might sound strange, and to be honest I’m smart enough that I probably could be doing something else.  And I probably will one day.  But most of the things that I would like to do in life aren’t particularly profitable in a reliable fashion, and so a well-ground skill set is incredibly important.  But more importantly.  I fucking love food.  My parents taught me how to cook early, and both of them are pretty good in their own rights.  I also prefer to work in small, privately owned businesses because I don’t think that corporate restaurant chains allow for the kind of community feeling that you get from a small business.  The people who come in aren’t just customers, they’re people I see all the time, they live in the nearby neighborhoods…they’re my tribe, my village, or whatever you want to call it.  And I might not like all of them, but that doesn’t change that they’re my people, whoever they are.



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