Behind the Blog: A PotG Introspective

The Name

I know, you’re probably wondering why I would pick THAT for the title of my blog. And if you’re not, tough luck. I’m going to tell you anyway.

First of all, I’ve never seen the movie the title references/parodies. Nor do I have any desire to do so. I know enough about the content to know I don’t need that in my life.

Some years ago, a guy I knew thought it would be funny to record me ranting about some random topic (like I do) and then have his roommate loop a beat, and then sample the rant over the beat, and call it “The Passion of the Grice.” It was just one of those ideas you say and then never actually follow through on, but the name was so punny and geeky and just a little bit inappropriate I couldn’t help but love it. A few months later, when I decided to start this blog, I couldn’t think of anything that would be more fitting.

The Blog

Originally, this was largely intended to be a soapbox for rants and nonsense. Eventually more thematic posts like Cook’s Couch happened. Sometimes I pinned things from elsewhere on the internet. I posted pretty frequently for a while, but life got in the way. I ran out of things to talk about, and after that I had things to talk about but I didn’t want to talk about them. So the blog went derelict. There have been a few attempts to revive it in the past, but none of them really stuck.

Not that I’m going to let that stop me. I have more ideas for things to do and more directions to take this.

The blog is in the middle of a rework, so things are subject to change at any time.


The Grice

There’s an About Me section on my profile, but I’m not actually sure non-Wordpress members can even access it, so I guess I have to play the “getting to know you” game again.

I’m a night owl and a recluse. I prefer deep discussions to small talk and intimate gatherings to large crowds.

My tastes and interests are varied and eclectic. In addition to worldbuilding, researching, and drafting a novel series, I’m getting back into making electronic music, learning how to DJ, familiarizing myself with my music collection in a whole new context, expanding my culinary repertoire, and studying any of a number of subjects more or less at the whim of impulse and intellectual curiosity. I have a deep love for mythology and folklore. I also like history, philosophy, psychology, linguistics, archaeology, music, film, television…it’s a long list. You get the idea.

I’m an avid gamer, both tabletop and console. I dabble with PC games from time to time, but I prefer to have a dedicated machine for my video games; it makes compatibility issues a much smaller concern. I like RPGs and some of the more outrageous FPSes like Borderlands and Halo, as well as a smattering of games from across genres. I prefer fighters like Tekken and Soul Calibur to Street Fighter or Marvel v. Capcom-style ones.

My Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw, my favorite color is black, and my favorite ice cream is Baskin-Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip. I prefer Marvel to DC, both in the comics and in their respective cinematic universes. But I love me some Batman. And the Sandman series.