DISCLAIMER: A Public Service Announcement

WARNING: The ideas and opinions expressed in this blog are MOST FUCKING CERTAINLY INDICATIVE of the ideas and opinions actually possessed by the Grice (that would be me.)  All passion in this blog is actual passion, not scripted, passion-lite, or a non-passion-derived passion substitute.

For the purposes of this blog “passion” may refer to any heightened emotional state including but not limited to: anger, rage, excitement, loathing, disgust, abhorrance, bemused detachment, frustration, joy, hilarity, neurotic fucking hatred, insomnia, ironic bemusement, humor-for-the-lack-of-appropriate-response, silliness, depression, mania, and just plain fucking crazy.

Names, places, and other nouns MAY be changed at my discretion to protect the innocent (or not so innocent, as is far more likely to be the case.)

This blog WILL include profanity, sexual innuendo, ironic humor, inappropriate humor, emotional response, dark humor, morbid/macabre perspectives, home-crafted compound words, excessive song quotations, puns, jokes that need to be tested, and non sequitur.

This blog MAY include works of fiction, cruel or inhumane concepts, misanthropic ideologies, sacrilege, spiritual and faith-based concepts, philanthropic ideologies, devil’s advocacy, heresy as defined by the Catholic Church past, present, or future, and other types of potentially NSFW content too numerous to list.

Any individual, organization, or institution consuming this blog are hereby considered informed of the following:

Neither The Passion nor the Grice assume any legal liability, criminal or civil, for any emotional, physical, mental, professional or social consequences resulting from the consumption of this blog.  Any mind expansion experienced is on a case-by-case basis and not in any way a typical indication of your response to this blog.

Protection of Information Disclaimer:

Any indivdual, organization, institution, administration, association, coalition, department or division existing in part or sum, including as outside contractor, in the active or passive engagement of the NSA, DHS, CIA, FBI, TSA, SBI, local authoritative branch, or any government agency for the express, secondary, or hidden purpose of the proliferation of information for unethical/unconsitutional/illegal spying by any aforementioned OR NOT aforementioned government, private sector, or law enforcement entity: you are hereby informed of your complete lack of welcome on this blog, pending the physical production of a warrant, subpoena, or similar court document.  Keep your illegal spying to yourself.  I DO NOT AUTHORIZE THE USE OF ANY INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN EXPLICITLY OR DERIVED IMPLICITLY, by the Federal Government of the United States, the State Government of any of the 50 States including the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, the American Virgin Islands, any other American territory/protectorate, any combination thereof, or any military, clandestine, or covert operation, domestic or overseas, nor by any other local, provincial, or national government past, present, or future, into perpetuity, for any reason, without the above adhering to my Constitutionally-protected right to due process of law, and only then after the service of a warrant or subpoena.  If you are a member of one of the above-mentioned groups, kindly take your unwanted ass the fuck off my blog.